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last month I bought the -2 inch drop monotubes and had Harley put them in, now after riding I wanna bring it up an inch and they didn't return the instructions in the box with the stock springs and c clips. so in the box I have 2 long springs 2 short springs 2 dampener rods and 8 c clips, I called progressive today and asked the techa nd he told me I had to pull the tubes completely apart and change the springs around. I asked him what were the c clips for and he didn't have any idea, hmmmm anyway here I am, and I need some advise. do I just pull the caps and put 4 clips in each side or ????? I looked on progressives site and I can not find the instruction sheet for the 31-2501 kit. thanks for any advise guys

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Here are video links from forum member McGruder from an earlier post.
this should fix ya right up.

OK, here are the videos I used to get the job done. Each one of the Monotube install videos have something to offer that is not included in the others.

This first video tells you how to remove the front tire and fender. If you know how to do this already, skip to the next video. Bear in mind, if you have ABS, the left side wheel spacer is your ABS speed sensor.

Remove install front wheel tire fender from Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This video will show you how to break down the plastic nacelle, and speedo gauge panel which gives you access to the fork caps. He goes on to cover most of the job, but uses specialized vices for key parts of the job. The other videos show you how to tackle the job without using a vice.

How To Install Progressive Suspension Shocks (Front) -

This instruction video provided by Progressive gives the best overview, and only includes the steps necessary to remove the forks, and replace the old suspension parts with the monotubes. You don't have to remove fork seals and take the whole fork leg apart (like the guy in the next video did). They also provide guidance on the use of the preload spacers, and specify the torque settings - none of the others provided this.

Progressive Suspension Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit on HD Touring Models

This video provides the most detail on all steps from starting with removing the forks from the bike, and how to break the top fork caps loose, and the bottom screw that holds the stock dampener in place. He shows how to do these steps without using a vice to hold the fork leg in place. Unfortunately, he also unnecessarily removed the faring to access the top fork caps, and removes fork seals and completely disassembles the fork legs too. You may not want to do all that, especially if the bike is fairly new and you don't want to replace fork seals. He does provide the good advice to replace the copper crush gaskets on the bottom screws. Use the videos above for removing the wheel and fender, and the nacelle and speedo face (to obtain access to the fork caps) before finishing the job with this video, but ignore unnecessary steps.

Progressive Monotube Install

By the way, none of the videos tell you that the top fork caps requires a 1-3/8", or 35mm socket. Also, the brake calipers mounting bolts require a 10 mm 12 point socket. These might not be something you have, at least in your standard sets, so you might want to get them ahead of time.

Also, I'd also recommend hitting those 5/8" fork pinch bolts with an air gun, while using an extension. They're definitely tight and awkward to break loose with the forks able to move about, especially if you don't have a helper. Shouldn't be a problem if you angle the forks for clear access on each side, and hit with the air gun.

Hope this helps someone...

4,019 Posts the look up Monotubes> Touring> 19797-2010 Low LOW Mono-tube cart fork HD FLH-FLT Inst.pdf

Link above is PDF link Right from Progressives website.

Lowering 1” inch or 2” inches?...

- If lowering the fork 1” inch, install one of the
top-out springs
on each Progressive Suspension Monotube cartridge assembly as
shown (see figure 1)
AND three of the supplied “C” shaped preload
spacers between the top of the fork spring and the upper spring seat
(see figure 2). Go to next step.

- If lowering the fork 2” inches, install one
top-out spring
top-out spring on each Progressive Suspension Monotube
cartridge assembly as shown (see figure 1) – and install NO preload
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