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so some long time buddies of mine have been looking at it, and planning it, and have decided to run a bun burner (36 hour) and then a saddle sore on the return trip.

I know we have quite a few LD riders and IBA mambers here on the board so I figured I would tap you all for your experiances.

The route we are going to take is San Antonio, TX to Key West, FL on major highways. We have alotted 4 days total for the trip with a solid rest stop in Key west to "reset ourselves" for the return trip.

we have (2) 2013 RGs and a Ducati GT1000 (touring) making the trip so far.

We are all very well versed riders with 12+ years riding each and have actually made a semi long distance runs before, I personally have run from Atlanta to Baltomore in one night on a sportbike, and my good buddy has run from San Antonio to Panama city on a Dyna wide glide, so we are not brand new to the trials of the road however we are still rookies and acknowledge that fact.

Since we are doing the entry level runs offered by the IBA we will be documenting our trip and getting start and stop points from the Harley Dealer in Key West and San Antonio for the "witnesses"

What other things should we take into account Other then the info offered on the IBA website.

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The "best" guidelines are on the IBA site Words of Wisdom -- and I csan attest to:
1. Plan it
2. Research the construction zones
3. Bring ur food
4. Hydrate and drink water
5. Dont over rely on 5 hr energy drinks.
6. Have FUN !!!
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