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Illinois vets motorcycle plate

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Just in case some of you Illinois Vets live in caves.... Veterans plates for motorcycles are available. DD-214 is required. Personalized plates can be had if you can hold it to 3 letters, and someone hasn't already snagged it. Click the motorcycle then choose universal veteran to see if your letters are available

See your local sec of state for details.

My avatar is an example of what they look like.

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Thanks for the info - you can do up to 4 letters and submit it (without cost) to see if it's available. :D :)

The plate only takes 3 letters. Actually the plate would be 5 letters. The last 2 letters are US. The US is on the right side and vertical, and designate veteran.

One of my bikes has PGR, and the other is FLT. I tried to get FLTR, and the Sec of state people said 3 letters only.
Hey guys I live in the very patriotic state of North Dakota and I am very sad too say that they do not offer a veterans plate for motorcycles. I am courious if you guys or gals would have any idea who i could get in contact with to make this possible any info would be great.

In N Dakota it' the Dept of transportation.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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