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2008 FLTRU 105th Anniversary w/ 110"
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I have used a company on Facebook for several custom items over the years. They can paint onto almost any bike part you want - derby cover, tank console, saddlebag reflectors, you name it. They are Skulleaze on FB. Prices are fair (in Canadian dollars).

Tire Vehicle Fuel tank Wheel Motor vehicle

I had these made up for MikeU, cuz he's such a nice guy.

Vehicle Hood Car Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

I have this poppy helmet holder with my Papa's RAF Bomber Squadron # and their motto: Tenacity painted on it.

Bicycle tire Automotive tire Drum Bicycle Automotive lighting

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

And I have a custom gas cover to honour the brave men and women that defend our freedoms

Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design Motorcycle Vehicle
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