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I bought my first HD (and my first bike with a fairing) last year, a 2021 Billiard Teal/Chrome Road Glide Special. Since I'm one of those guys who names his bikes and my mother's nickname was Ceil I've named her "Teal Ceil".

In Mom's memory I'd like to add the words "Teal Ceil" somewhere to the bike and since I don't wish to have her painted I've instead reached out to a local company that does car lettering and graphics. This way I can remove the lettering if I ever sell her or have it redone should anything happen to her.

I also have an old picture of Mom from her younger days. It's one of my favorites and I'm thinking of possibly putting it on somewhere on the bike as well.

Below is a quick-&-dirty initial mockup of a couple of proposed lettering ideas that they drew up for me, the picture I'm thinking of using and a side-view of Teal Ceil herself.

Since I'm not up on where folks usually put lettering and graphics on bikes (especially on bikes with fairings), I'm reaching out to my fellow forum members for the following opinions and suggestions:

1) Possible locations for the lettering that y'all think might look good
2) Whether or not to also put Mom's photo somewhere on the bike and if so...
3) Where the photo(s) might look best

BTW, I should add that I'm open to the idea of going asymmetrical (one side of the bike only) or symmetrical (both sides of the bike) for both the lettering as well as the photo. I'm not locked into either.

Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated...

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