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Indys in Temecula/Murrieta and nearby"

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Any out there? Good? Bad? Kiwi Performance has been named under the Good side, but I'd also like to find someone more local as well. I want to bring my bike to a good tuner/mechanic/technician for stuff that's beyond my skill-set. I don't mind paying as long as it's fair and I'm actually getting what I paid for. I know quality costs, but we'll deal with that when we get to it ;)
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Good Indys? Bad Indys? No Indys?
Indys in Temecula/Murrieta and nearby"

Not to local but I use Born Free Cycles in Burbank, Ca. They rebuilt my transmission after I got a couple bad bearings. The guys are all factory trained and come from Glendale Harley if that matters to you. I don't know what you are looking for but these guys may be worth a phone call.
Temecula Motorcycle Service is pretty good. I have personally use them for a few projects that I didn't want to do myself. I have quite a few friends that have used them too with no complaints.

they are also a certified Dynajet service center. They dyno'd my Road King a few years back with great results.
I think another shop to consider is the Boars Nest in Oceanside off 76

It's near the airport and they are reasonably priced
+1 on Temecula motor service. My buddy had his street glide dyno'd there. Quality service. Tazmocustoms in menifee is good too.
I spoke to Jeff(?) via telephone. He told me they no longer do dyno-tunes due to CA's emissions laws etc. Now I don't know if he meant ALL bikes/years or just the ones that run cats. I'm going to visit the shop next week and get the skinny. If I can't find a competent indy within an hour of me to dyno my bike, I guess I'll just have to make do with established downloads of whatever tuner I end up with and make do for now. I'm not looking to eek out every last ounce of hp/tq possible, but I want it to run its best for my daily street use. I'm just running an ack and slip-ons right now...and will be adding no-cat head pipes and a tuner soon. Still leaning toward the SEPST cuz' it'll basically be "free"...and...since the SEPST is an approved HD part, I figure the dealership is less likely to dismiss any warranty work just because I added a tuner regardless of the provisions of the moss-magnuson act.'ll be a free tuner...can't beat that! If I can't get it dyno'd, I hope there's a download that'll get me close enough for now.
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Most of the Indy's quit Dyno-tuning. The Cali Gestapo was hitting the shops(indy and HD) on paperwork for Ca compliance and was getting either hammered or got off with a stern warning. They are looking fo Ca non-compliant sales. Good Luck.

On a side note, you can always find on in Az or Nev. Plan on a Sat and go out there on a weekend. Should be able to find one in Vegas, Phoenix or maybe even Yuma.
Yup....there's that. Now, to find a competent tuner in AZ...I think FULLSAC is in Havasu, right?
Cycle Doctor, Goeff, in Costa Mesa does both indy work and is one of the best dyno guys around.
Chopper Place in Riverside. Grant is the Owner - Second Generation took over for his Dad years ago. Quality work, Old School Shop, stand behind their work and they can work on ANY Harley regardless of how old it is, unlike many shops out there.

4791 Doane Ave # A, Riverside, CA 92505
(951) 687-6655
Yea, Fullsac is in Lake Havasu. Steve is a great guy to talk to. Not sure if he does Dyno's.
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