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Infotainment & Bluetooth?

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I have a bud that just got a '16 FLTRU. We were talking & he asked me if the new Infotainment system would work with a Bluetooth rig in his helmet. He was specifically interested in the capability with the CB.

Anyone got the skinny on that topic?
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This is the one thing that pisses me off about my new Road Glide. this Boom Box Infotainment! You need to be wired to use its functionality through he headset when all of the technology is available to leverage the Bluetooth. At least he has the wired option. The RG and RGS folks would need to pay close to a thousand to upgrade to this antiquated wired set up. The MoCo went too far by leaving the Bluetooth option out.
I have to agree with you on this.
This topic piqued my interest, as there are plenty of Bluetooth headsets on the market. So, what's missing? Apparently there is a protocol that H-D didn't request be added to the Infotainment system: the HSP-headset profile.

The 6.5 system supports these protocols: HFPAG, HFPHF, AVRCP, A2DP_SINK, and A2DP_SOURCE. But not HSP. Seems to me that it could be added in a flash update... unless we have to wait for a BoomTooth headset. ;-)
Seem like something that would not be that hard to do.
Lot of information about this subject. Make it simple for me.
1. Not overly concerned about cost. My current Cardo head sets are aging so replacing would be no big deal. They have worked great for wife and I.
2. Do not care about CB or phone. Aint answering calls while enjoying a ride or talking on a CB. Retiring again in 10 months and they can shove this phone.....
3. What I want is wireless from radio to both headsets. My wife hates that xxx cord. My hearing aids will also Blue tooth.
I ride 20 to 60 K a year. Listening to news and radio as I ride is something I enjoy and so does my wife.
Something like the products talked about here would be great if they work.
1 - 3 of 55 Posts
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