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Infotainment & Bluetooth?

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I have a bud that just got a '16 FLTRU. We were talking & he asked me if the new Infotainment system would work with a Bluetooth rig in his helmet. He was specifically interested in the capability with the CB.

Anyone got the skinny on that topic?
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If you are referring to hands free operation with phone or CB via BT and infotainment... forget it. MOCO never opted for it during the build of the infotainment systems. There is a BT protocol missing from the build... on purpose
No, what he is looking for is to be able to use his current lid (with Bluetooth comm) with his new FLTRU, as opposed to having to put a wired headset into the helmet that plugs into the console. I don't believe he is looking for anything hands-free, just being able to use the CB via the current Bluetooth comms in his helmet.
Thats what I am saying.... the BT capabilities of the infotainment are very limited and... as OP stated... YOU MUST use a wired headset for CB and handsfree operations... sucks

This is the one thing that pisses me off about my new Road Glide. this Boom Box Infotainment! You need to be wired to use its functionality through he headset when all of the technology is available to leverage the Bluetooth. At least he has the wired option. The RG and RGS folks would need to pay close to a thousand to upgrade to this antiquated wired set up. The MoCo went too far by leaving the Bluetooth option out.
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