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2015 Road Glide Special
BOOM System is a Disappointment. Don’t let it be your reason to by NEW:
1. The stock RG radio has a 25 Watt amp that cannot be heard at speeds over 50 MPH. A Stage 1 upgrade starts $850.00 plus labor. A Stage 2 upgrade will set you back about $2,300.00 plus a 54 amp charging system.
2. The Infotainment GPS is not Garmin; it’s a company called NNG. The current MAP as delivered is Q2 2013. The maps have not been updated. There’s a Quaker Steak Restaurant near me that been open for over 2 years but the navigation system does not know it exists. My service folks tried to tell me that maybe Quaker Steak hasn’t published their new address. Funny, the free app on my android phone knows where Quaker Steak is but my fancy new motorcycle doesn’t.
3. The option for “scenic” or “twisty” roads does not work unless you go into the avoidances section and turn off highways and toll roads. Of course if you want the fastest/shortest route, you have to go back into the avoidances section and turn highways and toll roads back on. As far as I’m concerned the scenic/twisty options are nothing more than what I would like to call wiz-bang buttons. They look good but don’t really do anything on their own.
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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