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Installed new boards, questions about brake lever

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Hey guys,

I recently installed the XL banana boards on my 15 glide. I am looking to install some pegs on my crash bar for my toes to rest on with my heel on the boards.

My question is does anyone make a rear brake pedal/lever that moves it closer to the engine ? As you can see I have lots of room for my heel on the shifter side but almost none on the brake side.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

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Those boards looks killer. Did you install an extended rear brake pedal or is that the factory one with a different pad? I saw on here where someone put an extended rear brake lever and it pushed it out of the way, closer to the crash bars.

Ill be interested to see what others have done, I really want to get my boards either pushed out or something like what you have. Who makes the boards you put on?
I still have the stock brake pedal with a Cycle smith pad to match the boards. The boards are cycle smith Banana boards size XL.

I don't about a different brake pedal but what about spacing the boards out using one of those kits?
With spacing the boards out how much cornering do you lose ? These boards are already close to hitting the ground on spirited cornering.

I recommend you look at the E-Z Brake extended arm. It really frees up a lot of floor board real estate.

Howdy Travis! Give SoftBrake a call. I just dealt with them and they seem like a good company. They have tons of extended and lowered brake pedals, and the guy makes them all himself, so he's pretty knowledgable on exactly what you'll need no matter what year/kind of HD you ride.

I will check these guys out ! I really wanted to run the Harley edge cut brake and shift levers to match the rest of my theme but I am willing to give up some looks for riding comfort.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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