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I just finished installing the latest and greatest vented lowers on my 09 Road Glide. These are the new 2010 vented lowers. All I can is they are great! I had an earlier model non-vented model of lowers and the news ones are much better. The older style would fry your legs. They new ones not only look better but let a little more air in even with the vents completely closed. They also have more room for your feet to move around. Easier to get my foot to the brake. I bought them at Zanotti's already color matched to match the 2009 Red Hot Sunglo. Ordered on 10/22 and received them on 11/12. Not bad!

I had to buy the new 2010 style fairing left and right supports as well as the main fairing support that the fairing mounts to. Not to big of a deal to install. The only thing that was a PITA was attaching the outer fairing to the inner fairing. But that has always been a PITA every time that I have had to put it back on. Easy to get off PITA to get back on. The new fairing position is almost an inch higher in the rear with the new supports. I had to adjust the lights up quite a bit higher.

I also have installed the new 2011 CVO windscreen and the factory crash bar mounted wind deflectors. The CVO windscreen is the same height as the OEM but smooths out the air flow better than the stocker. It has a thick rubber gasket on the back side that appears to change the rake of the windshield. With the cooler weather setting in these changes make riding a lot more comfortable! I pretty much ride all year round here in Houston.
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