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I installed the HAT Imagine 6.5's and 5x7 speakers and also lined the faring with Rattle Trap 80MM sound deadner this weekend.

I got the speakers and deadning kit from No Cage Audio at the Boo rally.

I am pushing the saddlebag speakers with the HD CVO amp and the 6.5's with the Hawg Wired RS400 amp.

I was running the 6.5 Hawg Wired ZX's and the HD CVO 5x7's and loved them. But heard the HAT's at the Rally.

What was a great sounding system is IMO now special. The crispness and clairity does not waver even at full volume

I don't think the HAT's are louder than my other speakers, but they are diffinitely much clearer especially at high volume

I am not sure how much is the speakers and how much is the deadning but the bass is much more pronounced. I can quit worring about subwoofers now.
There is some cost difference between the speakers, but there is a notable performance increase. IMO I got what I paid for and that is not always the case for me at events that sell beer. :D:D:

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