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Is there a trick for getting the axle but cover off?

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Title was supposed to say "axle nut", not but ha.

The left Willie g cover came off fairly easy.

The right cover is missing 1 of the little screws I see. I took the other one out and still can't budge it. The dealer put a tire on last spring so it had to be off then.

How do you guys pry these off without ruining stuff?

I just wanted to paint the lower legs and touch up some spots on the wheel/rotors.... Everything has to turn into a project for me!
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I considered leaving the wheel on and trying to remove the fender but the 4 mounting bolts look really tough to work out with the wheel on.
Yes that's what I mean. I took that screw out though, and still can't budge it or pry it off. Would the dealer have used kind of glue for any reason?
I'll try in the morning. Had to walk away from it tonight.

Next issue I see is where the abs wires connect at the wheel. Does the axle just slide out to release them?
Theres supposed to be 2 screws but 1 is missing. The left side had both. I'll figure it out it can't be that difficult. The dealer was able to do it.
That's an idea...

I'll see how far it is, looks like a spell.

I still want to be able to get wheel off regardless ha.
I got the other nut cover off with a mallet/wood and a thick rag/channel locks combined.

It appears the dealer used a little adhesive, so that was my issue.

Now I gotta refer to the manual to see if I can get the wheel off without messing anything up!
Good idea thanks bud!
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