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J&M 7.25 speaker problem - blown?

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I noticed today that it looks like the cone part of my right hand speaker is flattened. Its also staticy and almost sounds blown any point over half volume. I checked with several CDs, thinking it might just be a bad burned disc, but it happened on all of them. It was fine and the cone was never messed up before,.. but have noticed it in the past couple of rides it looks like its getting flatter. The static noise just started today. Doesnt make any sense because the grill is intact. The only thing I have done recently, was add the J&M amp. I plan to contact J&M about it, but wondered if anyone else has had any problems with their 7.25's yet. Its a bummer and I hope I don't have to send it in and wait for them to send me a replacement. Im so used to kick ass sounding speakers now, I could never go back to stock ever.
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Feel your pain..

Thank sucks Chain and anyone else that runs across this problem..i'm still on stock and I know if I upgraded I'd be pissed to lose a speaker so bloody soon...but like someone said...stand up company you should not have any problems. Hope all goes well.
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