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J&M 7.25 speaker problem - blown?

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I noticed today that it looks like the cone part of my right hand speaker is flattened. Its also staticy and almost sounds blown any point over half volume. I checked with several CDs, thinking it might just be a bad burned disc, but it happened on all of them. It was fine and the cone was never messed up before,.. but have noticed it in the past couple of rides it looks like its getting flatter. The static noise just started today. Doesnt make any sense because the grill is intact. The only thing I have done recently, was add the J&M amp. I plan to contact J&M about it, but wondered if anyone else has had any problems with their 7.25's yet. Its a bummer and I hope I don't have to send it in and wait for them to send me a replacement. Im so used to kick ass sounding speakers now, I could never go back to stock ever.
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OK I Just got to ask this

Has this happened to any one out there? When I first got my Ride I thought something was wrong with the bike because I'd fell vibrations in my feet while on my highway pegs. I'd slow down, even pulled off road. STUPID Me finally figured out it stopped when i turned down the radio!! How is it with the 7.25'S?:eek:
Hay Chain

I finally got my speakers sent back to J&M for testing. Turn around was just over a week from the day I sent them, to the day they came back. It was actually kinda funny, I sent my seat to Mean City the same day I sent the speakers, and they both showed back up the same day.

Anyhow, the one was replaced for sure that had the melted looking part on it. I put it right back in the right speaker hole to see if it happens again. The other one I believe might be the left one I sent in,.. the box on it said tested 2 ohms. It looks brand spanking new though so if it was my old one they cleaned it up nice. Either way, I don't think anything was wrong with my left one,.. just the right one.

In conclusion, I haven't had a chance to test it on the highway,... but I think they are louder now. It could be because I haven't heard them in a couple of weeks, or it could be because I took off that Hogtunes Hog pod (if thats possible to gain power that way). Either way, Im back to sounding really REALLY good, and Im super happy with J&M. By making a great product, then standing behind it has made me a return customer and I don't plan on switching. For the money, J&M's 7.25 and 250w amp setup can't be beat.
Thanks John for your help, and making such a great product for the road glides. Now Im patiently waiting until you release that 500w setup to think about stepping up to that :cool:
Ok got one for ya, have you run just the 7.25 without an amp.? Do ya need the amp? dose the amp. make that much of a diff. I was wondering also if that hog tune was drawing from your setup, was going to past that way back when, By the way your ride is lookin great.
haven't priced it out yet

Just like the handlebars, I read look and listen, i was liken your bars but didn't want to chance it on chrome. I was ready to start looking into the j&m's until I saw your post and wanted to see how it played out. Merry Christmas, man
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