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J&Ms “Private” rider/passenger helmet-to-helmet intercom feature for our BT04/BT03+ Bluetooth headsets has finally been released, and it was well worth the wait. (software update v001.1.4 – 10/20/2018)

In our 40+ years of building helmet headsets, we have never ridden with an intercom system at interstate highway speeds that was this quiet! (see

Headsets now link together in SSP (simple secured pairing mode) so that you won’t accidentally link them to any other device close-by during the initial pairing process.

J&Ms BT04/BT03+ headsets also now recognize Bluetooth feature “Universal Pair” so that you can link together 1 J&M Bluetooth headset and 1 other-brand Bluetooth headset and still talk at distances of up to 1/3 of a mile.

For those who already own our BT04/BT03+ headsets, go here on the J&M website to download the latest software version into your headset and this new update should be posted no later than 10-22/2018.

We also have the updated BT04/BT03+ headsets on display and available for purchase on-site at the BIG J&M Audio Trailer set up for the BIKETOBERFEST rally, Oct 17-21, at Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona, exit 273 off of I-95 in Ormond Beach FL 32174.

We anticipate future BT04/BT03+ software updates to include adding a 3rd helmet to the SSP “private” helmet-to-helmet intercom mode, adding an intercom vox-over-music feature when just two headsets are linked together, adding the ability to link to the Harley WHIM module and stream aptX digital stereo music from the Harley audio system and voice prompt updates to provide the user with additional headset configuration information.

If you have any questions about the implementation or operation of these new software features, please send email to: [email protected] .
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