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Jac Knife Highway peg install

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I have been trying to decide what type of highway peg to use and found these. After viewing the video and the printed instructions I still had some questions but figured it out as I went. I am very happy with the quality of the components; the machining is very precise. This is not meant to be step by step, this is just supplemental to show some more detail. Here are some pictures of my installation:

The biggest task is to grind existing material off the floor board supports. The arrows show the areas to remove material from

The areas inside the boxes show the supports ground down to provide proper clearance for the peg assembly.
The following photos show the complete installation:

I'm 5'9" with a 29 inch inseam so I would need some serious offset to reach engine guard mounted pegs. The Jac Knife pegs give me a chance to stretch my legs out straight.
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Those look pretty badass. I am pretty short, so attaching highway pegs to my crash bars wouldn't really do anything for me. Where did you get them?
You can get them from FBI (fatbaggers) or the manufacturer is
You should also check Ebay periodically, I see some blems (minor scratches, etc.) on there for significantly less than retail.
I tend to grind my boards when taking corners, buts its usually the heel of the footboard the wears down. Do you think these would interfere or grind when leaning hard around corners? Ive been thinking about getting these for awhile but I dont want to ruin them.
I just put them on so I can't give you any real life experience. I'm not worried about them scraping when they are folded in but twisties are probably not going to happen with the pegs extended out. I read some comments on some other boards before buying them so I knew there was a real possibility of them scraping on hard corners with them extended out. Your situation would be different however because your boards are already extended out an inch. I'm looking to use them on those long straight roads when I just need to stretch out.
Definately dont want to have the pegs extended when riding twisties.
im just curious as to how much they add to the bottom of the board.
Can you post a pic of a side view, with pegs folded in? (similar to the picture that shows the supports ground down to provide proper clearance for the peg)
I'm not home right now, but here is a link to the manufacturer with some good side pics. Mine are the XT series (the one with the boot peg)
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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