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jacket for cool days

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I'm looking for suggestions for a jacket to wear when it is just a little cool. I don't really ride when it is cold but need something to cut the wind and keep me comfortable when it is 60 out. Leather is too heavy and hot. My personal light jackets catch wind and inflate like a balloon which sort of defeats the purpose.
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I live in the central west coast of Florida where usually gets to upper 50s sometimes, but mostly lower 60s. I bought a lighter wind resistant jacket from FirstGear to wear under a HD light weight jacket.

For me it was perfect, the FirstGear jacket stops with wind and the HD jacket does pretty good as well. Both are easy to roll up and put in the saddle bag if not needed later in the day. Also, you may consider checking out this forums classified section, sometimes one can get jackets and other parts for a good price.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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