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Jackpot 2 into 1 headpipe

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I just purchased and installed this headpipe on my 2010 FLTRX. All I can say is WOW. The sound is perfect with the Vance and Hines slip on. There is no throttle lag or the slight hesitation it used to have. It gets up and foes right now. Very good product. Highly recommended. Workmanship is great. The welds are okay. Everything I've been looking for.
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As I have the V&H slip on as well I am considering this headpipe for a winter modification. How much was it? Did you do the install yourself and if so how difficult was it. Can you post a photo? thanks.
Not sure what they are called but mine are the less expensive ones with the double cut slash down exit. I like them. They sound deep but not loud. Much more like a performance sound than a classic harley sound. I think the cat has a lot to do with that. I am sure that they will be louder if I replace the headpipe that removes the Cat. That and cost is realy my delema as I do not want the bike loud. I now enjoy cruizing and listening to the stereo.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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