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I thought I ordered the one with the fan unit but I apparently made a mistake. Didn't realize it until my stealer installed in then asked me why I replaced my cooler? I immediately had him remove it and box it up.

Definitely a much better cooler than the stock version so my mistake is your gain.

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The Jagg 10-row Low Mount Oil Coolers are designed specifically for H-D Twin-Cam Dressers and Road Kings. These units are particularly suited for mounting on Ultra models with lower fairings.

These compact oil coolers offer 40% greater cooling capacity than the already high-performing Jagg 6-row oil cooler. A unique mounting system insures easy installation (View installation instructions). The coolers' inline turbulators and mini-louvered air fins ensure unparalleled efficiency.

• Simple bolt-on installation for H-D Touring models 2009-2012
• Easy bolt-on replacement for models with stock oil cooler system*
• HyperFlow Technology ensures unsurpassed flow and heat rejection

*Removing stock oil cooler system requires replacement of H-D oil filter adapter with a Jagg Offset Oil Filter Adapter and use of Jagg P/N 11-26352-95A Oil Filter Nipple.

Simple installation process! (Installation Instructions)

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