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Those look interesting. The main thing I would ask them about is where the Teflon is being used. Teflon doesn't do well rubbing against metal.

I have Traxxion Dynamics Cartridges installed in my Moto Guzzi V7. They have compression and rebound adjustment, but not preload. Most bikes don't have front preload adjustment anyway. You adjust the rear when adding a passenger to bring the loaded geometry back to center.

On my Touring Bikes I typically go with RaceTec Goldvalve Cartridge Emulators and new fork internals only if needed. Set them up for how I typically ride and forget them. Still a huge improvement over OEM in the past.

I recommend you at least comparison shop before making your decision. Call both and let them enthrall you with merits of their system.

Traxxion Dynamics is close enough to me that I brought the V7 in and then went riding in the Georgia mountains to try it out.

I actually strapped the front forks of my Voyager across the back of my Versys 650 and dropped them off and headed to mountains to ride. Great excuses to get out on those nice roads.

This is what I will consider when it comes time to do the front end on the Road Glide. Easily done in your home shop (no drilling out the OEM damper rods) and they sell some custom tools to help.
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