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So the HD oil temp gauge I bought in 2011 would get a little condensation in it from time to time over the past couple years until our trip to the Seattle area this past late summer/early fall when they were having record setting rain! Damn gauge would suck up a lot of water and finally wig out and peg temps.

Pulled all the gauges out to paint the inner primary so looked over this gauge to find out why it leaked.

It is not manufactured by the same company as all the other gauges, in fact, built in the USA. Other gauges built in Malaysia.

It has a poor retainer that promotes failure and cracking around the bezel retainer, which is also poorly crimped on. The other gauges have a washer under the crimped bezel retainer, and they seal quite well.

Yea, I'll probably be buying another one, and modify it so it will hold up longer.....

Stock retainer with pressure all the way around the circumference of the gauge body.

Stock retainer on the oil temp gauge but the too long circuit board stud needs clipping..

Bad gauge on the right, good gauge on the left...
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