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Only had the bike out once this year so far due to this long hard winter. The temps got up to 57 today and the sun was shining. Busted ass to get done working (when not on the road i work from home) so I could go for a scoot.

I pulled the bike out of her cubby, got my boots and jacket out, moved my car so I had room to get out. Fired the bike up and pulled out of the garage. That instant, it starts drizzling. I though ehh, I'm still going.

By the time I get to the end of my street it starts comming down al harder, but I truck on. Get out to the main road, and there is a cop parked there, and I notice him eyeing me up. Then he proceeds to follow me for 10 miles or so. Meanwhile it's raining harder, so I decide to just bag it and head home. That azzhat followed me until I was about to pull on to my street.

Once he turned off, the rain stopped and the sun came back out, so I just kept going. I finally got to get on it some and enjoy my ride.

I guess I should give the back story of my paranoia, last Friday, I got nailed for speeding while I was at work.
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