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went to pick up a few items for my road trip , have a 10% discount to use by October 1st , since September is my birthday ..

well will have to use it later , were having a 20% off sale on everything in the store 'cept bikes ..

Speaking of bikes , my roadie is an 08 anni with Ultra Tour Pak , I paid 19000 for the bike and a little over a grand on the Tour Pak and all the extras needed with the Tour Pak ( got a big discount since I bought them with the bike )

Now I noticed an 08 anni Ultra on the floor , 9500 miles , $20800 , I thunk jeez I need ta trade , then next to it is a red 08 roadie with the shortie windshield and no tour pak , 7000 miles , $18000 , jeez ///

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There is and 08 on craigs list here with 4100 miles on asking payoff. $18027.00
I was thinking just a little more and you get warrenty and 3 years newer, must have been
no money down 60 easy month deal...
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