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Klock werks 4 inch super savers these are the short version. They have the same cut as the bags and the cut ends at the bag for the correct look.they look and sound killer. I used them for less than 30 miles. They sound great but weren't loud enough for me lol. They would be great for long trips. They are pretty quiet when cruising and when you hammer on them they sound great. If your looking for a exhaust that looks awesome and isn't too loud these are it. The chrome job it just awesome.

Klock Werks Short-Style Super Saver 4" Forward Slash Slip-On Mufflers
Big chromed 4" slip-on mufflers with rolled-edge ends are 2" shorter than the Standard Super Saver mufflers
Features 2" spiral-louvered fiberglass wrapped baffles that are removable and repackable
Throaty rumble at idle and under acceleration which decreases to a low hum under steady cruising
Available in Straight-cut, Slash Up and Slash down models
Sold in pairs
Made in the U.S.A.

200.00 plus the ride.


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