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SAT JUL 13th, 2013

at BIKESHOW area

with splinters off to tour HD museum - or find local entertainment -

I'm missed the wizard, so plan on doing this as a primer for UT trip

stand around times are 10a and 2p, then do a break away, go find some other activities, museum crawling, food etc..

11th Annual Knucklehead Reunion
Antique Motorcycle Ride In Show
Saturday, July 13th 9 am – 4 pm
• Stock Knucklehead
• Custom Knucklehead (Sidevalve, Panhead, Shovelhead)
• Other Pre 1970 American Make
Trophy’s for Best of Show & Long Distance
Motorcycle Field Games Sponsored by the Heritage Chapter of AMCA
Lawn Games
Local Artisans
Proceeds support the Make A Wish Foundation

h-d museum events page here - 11th annual knucklehead reunion

Harley-Davidson Museum
400 W Canal Street
Milwaukee, WI 53201

hoping a couple few handful of people can make it, seems like a good cause and a great chance to see some of the the 110 exhibits before the crowds gather, not a major trip, but just a run to see some history

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it's also being billed as a "weekend" on their site, starting thurs night

since I do very little with my HOG or museum memberships, this will be it for 2013, and the key will be getting at the tours before the masses.

plus, frippin' knuckles are cool - cheap crappy beer also - I'll be forcing down 2 - as to not stand out as a party pooper

plan on signing up for the TWO UP membership and giving away my unused free tickets at the door. ( 2 adults - 2 kids unlimited passes for 1 year - $75 )

hope to see any of you sharks there
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