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Purchased a set of 6.5" Titan-Hertz from Eastern Performance back in March.Waited till the weather got better to tear off the fairing and install them. When I installed one of the speakers I noticed a tweeter was loose. Said "what the heck" everything was off and I hooked it up. Couldnt say "honestly" that I heard the tweeter flapping,maybe just a tad,but there was so much of an improvement I didnt hear anything but the increase in SOUND! It was "KILLER". So I've been rollin w/it ever since. I did call them and inform them (Mike Meehan) that I had a speaker w/a loose tweeter and told them I would send it to them, when I ripped the fairing off AGAIN. BUT,.... it has been getting progressively WORSE! So,.... It "PUKED" on me this morn. on my long way to work. Heres the best part,...I called them on Monday and asked them to send me a speaker if they could cause it was getting worse. Told them my situation of being a single dad and my time is very limited. Speaker came yesterday! Put it in tonite and Wa-La! BTW, I got a redesigned,better SOUNDING speaker.IMHO. Tweeter is egg shaped and the speaker itself has been updated from the one I'm sending back. So,... we'll wait for the other to "PUKE" so I can get a matching pair. LOL! Hats Off to the BIKETRONICS CREW.
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