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Kudos to Metalsport Inc.

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I've been trying to decide which tour pack rack to get for my bike since SW4. Anyone who has a tour pack knows you don't want to tie anything to it without a rack, unless you don't care about the paint. I've looked at the HD racks, but the only one that caught my interest was the stealth rack, and it's really small, but nice and flat. While in Daytona with another forum member (HogWild), I noticed his rack was flat, good looking, and functional. It was the Metalsport MBR 500. Well last week I finally ordered one, and like the rest of us on this forum, when the man in the brown truck showed up, I was happy. I opened the package and to my disappointment, I was missing some hardware :( . I immediately called and explained my dilemma to customer service. Two days later......Fed Ex shows up with a package with a complete set of hardware. Now I'm happy :D . I know a lot of people complain when they receive bad service, but don't say much when good things happen, so I just wanted to give a shout out to Metalsport for a great product and customer service.

D. Bell
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I have the HD rack and was wondering if the bolt locations are in the same place for the Metalsport MBR500 rack.
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