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Kutter HD and Jim Palmer, ESP

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This subject has been beat pretty well...ride it a lot buy it, bar hopper/weekend warrior probably not...Got it.

I have seen Jim Palmer's and Kutter HD's name mentioned many times, as the guy to deal with and the ESP to buy, cost saving and his personal service.

So here's a question, Has any one who bought the Kutter HD ESP actually used it, and what was your experience. It is NOT a Harley Davidson product (nor is the one that the HD dealer sells for that matter) But if you have the Cornerstone United Inc. policy how was it received at "your" Harley dealer? were there any problems coordinating with the "Claims" department of Cornerstone and the dealer doing the work?

Alrighty lots of questions, I hope someone (hopefully more than one) can chime in. I ride an average of 8500 miles a year and that is with the bike in "winter" storage for five (5) months of no mileage.

Ok fire away..... thanks, CSM-H
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I've purchased from Jim in the past. There are other dealers that will discount the plan if you shop around. Sometime next year I may take a summer trip and head up to Wisconsin to visit the factory and museum and just might ride over to Boardtracker (Kutter) H-D. I understand Jim can sell the H-D endorsed plan it to anyone, if you're at the dealership. His other plan actually sounds better, but I have concerns about who will accept it, too.
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