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This is the premiere LA Choppers ends, braided stainless steel with the black tinted vinyl covering. Part number is LA-8006KT-16M The specs for these are that they are for 1996-2007 Road Glides and Road Kings without ABS and for 15"-17" bars.

These sell for $363.00 on Amazon

They were installed but never had fluid in them. I installed them and then changed my mind and took them back off in the same day. LA Choppers LA-8006KT-16M Cable/Brake Line Kit - 15in.-17in. Ape Hangers - Midnight: Automotive

I'll let them go for $250.00 shipped in the Conus.

Clutch cable
Throttle cables
Brake lines

From the manufacturer

Takes "cable calculation" headaches out of swapping handlebars
Kits give you the correct length cables/clutch line and brake lines you need so you can complete a handlebar swap
Stainless braided kits include throttle cable, idle cable (except 08-15 Dressers), clutch cable/clutch line, brake lines, chrome "T" brake line junction, banjo bolts, fittings and copper crush washers
Black vinyl/stainless kits include black vinyl throttle and idle cables (except 08-15 Dressers), black vinyl clutch cable/clutch line and black stainless brake lines with chrome fittings, banjo bolts and crush washers
The midnight kits include stainless steel brakes, cables and lines covered in a black smoke tinted coating with pure black fittings throughout; lines appear graphite or carbon fiber in appearance providing that ultra custom look and the black fittings seamlessly blend with blacked out controls and covers on your bike
Electrical wire extensions not included (available separately)
Made in the U.S.A.

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