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As reds4 and mailman13357 said before me ... try and conceal the switch.

As much as we all love our bikes there are idiots out there who will walk up to your bike and flip switches just because they are fucking retards. You don't want to walk back to your bike and find a dead battery bud.

Also as reds4 said, run it off the fuse box or if you aren't comfortable doing that then I would recommend installing an inline fuse on your wiring harness.

Use the link above as an example to build a harness similar to what these guys have for their product (i got that link from a google search). though now that I think of it I am sure one can find something like that at the local RV/trailer store or an auto store. I vaguely remember seeing an expandable LED wiring kit at autozone a cpl years ago also.
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