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So I wanted to relocate my lic plate and cut off that bar that runs over the rear fender. That left a hole to be filled. Yaffee sells a pointed gizmo for this, but he will never get any of my $, so I decided to do my own thing. Here is the condition I am attempting to correct.

I bought a couple of well nuts from the local independently owned Ace Hardware, some 5/16" all-thread, and a couple of brass cap nuts. You will need to trim the shoulder from the well nut and trim the all thread back flush with well nut, I forgot to snap a final pic before install.

They fit a bit loose, you know I don't like loose shit, so I wrapped a couple layers of black grip tape to increase their diameter a bit. Slipped 'em in and tightened 'em up.

May not be for everybody, but I thought I'd share what I like.
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