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Licence Plate Relocation and light question

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Posted this in another thread too but,

Was digging around the site and am going to purchase the J&P License relocated bracket (340-730) for my 04 road glide to move the license under the brake light. I was going to buy Drag specialties smoked laydown brake light as it has the option to have the light on the bottom side for the license plate. There listing says has to use LED bulb. Does anyone know does it have to be an LED bulb or they just mean you need to use a red bulb cuz it’s a clear lens. Since I haven’t tore into my bike yet does this then mean my license plate will be lite up red as well?
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They might be concerned with heat. A conventional bulb might melt the lens.
The LED bulb will fix any issues with heat and colour. Incandesce lamps do run a lot hotter than LED's.
One of my co workers had the incandescent bulb in his lay down taillight, melted a hole in the lens. Switched to the led bulb after that with no problems, with a new lens of course.
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