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Lids speaker questions

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How many have used the lids with speakers? Is there any problem with the lids leaking? How about the sound quality?

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I have HD lids on my 15RGS.... I used weather stripping on the mounting base of speakers... no leaks

Arc amp pushing Hybrid Audio 157-2's.... I love them and waterproof
Thanks for the replies, I have bought the Harley lids and going to use focal speakers with the arc amp. I am now debating on if I should buy a separate hardware kit for the new lids for quick change out if needed.
Check out the Hybrid Audio 157-2's compared to Focals... I almost got Focals, but found out they don't like water... 157-2's are waterproof. That's what I decided on....
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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