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looking 4 new pullback handlebars

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looking 4 new pullback handlebars with about 1" rise and 2" pull back that keeps the factory wrist angle. I looked at heritage bars but the wrist angle looks like it will make my wrist hurt. I like the factory wrist angle but wish they were a little higher and had a better pullback. Any recommendations?
Chromewerks or Fatbaggers for 08 RG? Thanks,LS
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+1 on the Heritage style bars. I'm 6', have a Corbin Rumble seat that moves me back about 1". Got my '13 RGC and thought the stock bars were OK at first. And as long as my arms were moving they were fine. But...., one day on the slab for a lengthy period with very little arm movement and after an hour my shoulders were aching pretty bad. The Heritage style bars fixed it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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