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Lost the Darn Handlebar Locating Pin

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Well I am one of the ones that pulled the locating pin on my 16 RG Special, rolled the bars forward. Like the way it looks but now getting numb hands.

Well here is the dumb part can't find the pin to put them back in the OEM position which was comfortable for me. Been searching the barn for 3 days now.

Does anyone know the part number for this, looked on a 2016 online parts book but can not find the number.
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I'm in the field till just after st pats day. If u can wait I'll mail u mine
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Yea rounding out 22 years and headed to Polk for my last year. And nonsense. I'd be happy to mail it. I will be home some time after st pats day and will zip it right off
Shoot me your address again. I can't find it. I'll have it in the mail today
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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