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Here is a news story that is not sitting very well with riders in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

EDMONTON - Bikers in Edmonton with noisy rides must now muffle their motorcycle's loud exhaust pipes.

City council in the Alberta capital has passed a bylaw that cracks down on bikes that exceed specified noise standards.

Police can now issue $250 tickets to bike owners if their machines are louder than 92 decibels while idling, or 96 decibels with the engine running at a greater speed.

Officers will enforce the bylaw with eight noise-meter kits that cost a minimum of $17,000.

Bikers are being given an amnesty period to have their bikes tested and learn about the new rules of the road.

Acting Sgt. Eric Theuser with the police traffic section says it's believed that Edmonton is the first city in Canada and possibly in North America to have a bylaw that curbs loud motorcycles. (Edmonton Sun)

NOTE: Photos below have nothing to do with the above post. Storing photos here (instead of Photobucket etc) and using them in other postings on the RG forum site.


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Haven't they heard? Loud pipes save lives!

And make the bike run better!
Charlie, that sounds like discrimination to me. "Lawless bikers?" That's lumping all Harley riders into one nice, neat category, isn't it? What an assholio.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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