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I installed a set of love-Jugs Mighty Might’s on my 2016 RGU this weekend. It’s taken several weeks to get all the pieces parts needed for the upgrade as the local HD dealers didn’t have the accessory power kits in stock.

Potential problem:
The two screws that were supplied in the kit to mount the horn to the bracket were just a bit "short". Once I added the wire guide for the horn wire - it would not tighten down at all, just kept on slipping. The supplied HD parts are more like Flanged tapered bolts than regular bolts.

I replaced the bolts with longer metric nuts and bolts. I was forced to use a washer on the inside of the bracket as the nut was too small and would go through the opening that previously held the spring clips. That forced me to bend the bracket just a touch as the washer/nut stack was now too thick for the bracket to horn opening on the lower attaching point.

The question is: Do the spring clips server any purpose other than mounting? Like vibration dampening? I can’t find any replacements for the HD supplied clips, but I did find both the Flanged Bolts and a “Spring Steel Push Nut” available from…

Now if I can find the right size if I need to replace them if need be…

If I could have found SS parts I would have simply got out the cutting wheel and trimmed the parts but they only had Zink Coated bolts at Home Depot in the close to right size.

Suggestions welcomed!

Love the cooling it's brought to the bike, just not crazy about all the parts...

- Bryan
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