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Lower buffeting - po' boys alternative?

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Does anyone know if these come anywhere even close to a full set of "lowers"?

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They will not fit as shown. I have a set I was thinking of extending to make them clear the fairng, but have not got around to it as yet. Doc
Thanks Doc. I'm guessing interference near the top. Were you considering just drilling some new mounting holes in the air-dams themselves (move them down a bit) or do you figure the fix would be more complex?

Ah HA!!!! said the blind man. I looked at the installation PDF file and seems as if these guys mount to the running light bracket area available on Road Kings and the Road Glide. We might not even have the associated brackets.

I looked closer at this AM and seems like the mounting points are there on RGs too so scratch my 1st ETA (maybe).
I have a pair that were on my Road King, took them off day one never thought about adding em to my Glide, be willing to let em go cheap if somebody was interested, save ya some dough should you need to modify em any.
;) Great post VRRRMM. Thanks for the info and offer but...

No chit, cool post man.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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