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Just picked up a set of fairing factory lowers. Tried sticking the Arc Moto grills on them and they are a lot bigger than the hole in the fairing. So my question is what grills will fit? Would like a paintable grill but really just after a grill to cover the speakers at this point.

Also in the upper fairing I bought used it came with speaker grills. They have two tweeters in them. They have a Harley part number but I couldn?t pull them up. I believe they are booms? Not planning on running the tweeters since I?ve got 4 arc motos.

Last question is about the arc Moto 600.4 amp. Just converted my street glide over to road glide so haven?t had an experience with amp mounting. Bought a bracket setup to mount the pbr300x2 I had previously and never even got it. Will double sided 3m hold an amp to the inner? Anyone have a good starting point on amp settings? Haven?t got them amp in my hands yet but am anxiously waiting on it to show.

I hate not having a computer to do better looking on. Plus the pictures of info I do find suck ass. Hoping to get this conversion/remodel of my
Bike done in the next couple weeks so I can ride a bit before I tear it apart for paint.


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