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2020 RGS River Rock Gray
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Wow, that really sucks man, I have spent the past 7 months doing many of the same upgrades as you have done except I haven't pulled the trigger on the big $$ items (shocks & Engine upgrade) and to be without it would drive me nuts as well. Glad you are ok though. That is really the most important part!
NOTE: I asked what was causing the parts supply issue and the Service Writer said " we're waiting on overseas parts". To which I replied, "well - if you f***ers made the stuff here you might not have that problem." I said it with a smile and he laughed. I get why, it's not his fault and I understand why HD does it.
Well, even if they were BUILT here. They would probably still be out of the natural resources to produce any products. Plus many "Made in America" parts still have to get resources from elsewhere. I was lucky to get my chopped engine guard before they disappeared. I have been waiting over 2 months for some floor boards...
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