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2020 Zephyr Blue / Black RGS stage 2 TQ cam,V&H power duals, Ventilator Ciro bag blades,Kahuna heate
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First as I posted when this first happened I am glad you are safe.I also posted that I hope they total the bike.Any insurance Co. worth its weight has a full replacement for the first two years.I do not understand why it is being repaired by a dealership. This post should be “waiting for parts for my new bike.”I like and trust the HD dealers I have done business in the past much to the chagrin of fellow sharks. For me personally once the frame needs to be replaced the insurance companies total the bike. Period.I would fight for a new bike, file a lawsuit against Brown for damages to cover the upgrades you want and move on. I personally would never feel comfortable riding a dealer built bike.Unless the MOCO and your insurance carrier sent in reps to certify it.
Go to the insurance thread there is an Agent / friend of mine Jim Palmer he is the best at bike coverage.He has been my go to for 17 years He offers a plan that we own that provides total replacement coverage as long as you own the bike.It is not cheap none of this is.
Your end statement 2nd paragraph “ I hope I’m right.” That voice in your head is telling you something ! Good luck
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