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'22 RG ST
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Well, I had to pull up my own post because I miss my bike. At least the weather is awful (Texas Summer) and I'm not missing out on great riding.

On 04 May I was in putting out of my neighborhood when a USPS mail truck ran a stop sign and hit me broadside-ish. This happened 2 days after I got my 124 build done at GMR. Sigh.

Well, the bike is currently sitting at Texas Harley and parts have been ordered to get her fixed. I was biting my nails they were going to total the bike - I was thinking saving the engine (that has like 100 miles on the top end) would be better. I hope I'm right.

If you're wondering about damage - $20k worth. That includes frame replacement. This, from an accident that occurred at ~ 15mph to 20mph. I'm stunned. The dummy did push and spin the bike...

Except for a few things - the bike was basically "done". I'm having 14'' Factory 47 handlebars put on and I'm switching from a full engine guard to a chopped. They are also going to put on an extended brake pedal.

Timing? I'm hoping for august. Another big sigh.

I hope everyone is starting off summer well!

NOTE: I asked what was causing the parts supply issue and the Service Writer said " we're waiting on overseas parts". To which I replied, "well - if you f***ers made the stuff here you might not have that problem." I said it with a smile and he laughed. I get why, it's not his fault and I understand why HD does it.

BUT - "assembled" in America is not really the same as "made in America".

Of course these bikes would retail for $10k more each if they were fully made here....that still might feel better.

Rant over. Appreciate this gang very much!

That sucks.
I hope it gets back together and rideable soon enough.

BTW, that dyno sheet looks fun.
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