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2020 FLTRXS Scorched Orange/Silver Flux
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Well - I have the bike back....but, too early to declare victory.

First - the saddlebags did not come in as expected, so I took the bike home with the old saddlebags. By itself, that would require another trip to the dealer.

Second - the dealer did not install the ignition switch properly, and it popped out on Sunday leaving me unable to unlock the forks and stranded 1.5 hours from home. Of course it was, no help from any HD dealers. My confidence in the dealer's work product is low.

Lastly, and perhaps most irritating is they did not credit me the parts differential for insurance work AND charged me for the labor, which would have been required without the parts upgrades. I will be calling this morning to rectify - but, I had to be home in front of the detailed insurance estimate in order to properly evaluate.

I'm sure I'm not delivering any "revalations" - but, it is unlikely I will be back. I have an independent guy locally who did my engine build - he's been awesome.

I'll provide some updates after my phone call and post a few pictures of the chopped engine guard and the new Factory 47 handlebars. Though - you've seen both of those things before :)
That's an Adam Smith dealership. My experience with them is they will deal fairly well on a new bike purchase but their service dept is about as bad as they come. Texoma HD in Sherman is the one I have dealt with. He has about 6 or 8 dealerships spread out around north Texas.
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