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made a costly mistake testing riding a Road Glide today

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im a mc fanatic, but never owned a bagger before...several old school harleys years a go and lately all sport bikes, duals sports etc.

Been wanting an RG for sometime and have been going back and forth between a Road king, RG or yes, even a valkyrie.

But today i test drove '10 RG and thats all it took, im buying one now! Gonna cost me some bucks tho...oh well

Wondering anyone can help with these 2 questions on a road glide.

i have a line 2 '04s can can get 1 for 10k other 10.5k...very similar condition, neither has true duals

other is an 03 im looking...9k, only 12,000 miles, true duals...but have to fly to get it.

my questions is this. Staying in my price range limits me to 5 speeds. Will quickly get into 14k range to get an 09/10 with a 6 speed.

Any opinions on 03/04 vintage versus 09/10? is 6th gear and improved frame worth the 4 to 5 grand?
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Thanks everyone for the replies! I test rode a handles great. Was planning on a frame stabilizer if I get pre-09.

I better find a 5 speed to try out. Maybe it's because of my sport bikes but I tend to like higher rpm...I think that's when things sound the crushing in 5th at 3500 to 4000 sounds about right to me (I have a likes about 5k best)

Is sustained cruising at 4k hard on vtwins or is the pref. Of the 6 speed mainly based on liking lower rpms? Heck....seems like I had one many years ago with a 4 speed.

BTW I found a 10. Sweet bike true duals I can get for 14.9k...less than 20k Mikes

Can't wait to get an rg....but tough to pick only ONE!
Also @jackthebagger.....2 of 3 I'm looking at have not been ridden much.

The 03 for sure....owner has had back problems and has ridden very little recently.

I am concerned about riding it back 8 hours.

One 04 has 28k. And guy sound like he rode pretty regularly
ok thanks again all!!!

What do you all think of this deal...

08 w. prior salvage title. i was told it went down on on left side damaged fairing bags and crash bar. was told no frame damage or front damage. also told current owner had driven for 3+ years on the repairs.

it has 77k, asking 8500. i think i can get it for 7500, and have a tour pack and possibly lower fairings.

my though on going cheap is ride this year, assuming all goes well, trade up to something newer next year....unlikely i'd be able to more than 5k on the rest of this riding season,,,,more like 2 to 3 at most.

Thanks for input on the salvage titles...staying away from them now!

i would love to have a '10 or new, one gent has a fair deal for '10 with true duals and dynajet tune with 7k miles for 14.9...which is a good dealer, harley dealer wanted 18+ for 10 with more miles.

Im thinking hard about an 04 with 12k miles .... for what i think i can get for 8500 to 9 and a plane long as it makes an 8hr trip back, that would be a great time....but 2 other 04s with more chrome at 10k are good deals too.

Doesn't seem like bikes are moving very quickly in my area, but folks are trading pretty close.

+1 @northwoods_maine ... when i test road the '10 glide, i drug the floor wobble....and i was surprise how well the glide felt leaned over!

I can probably swing the 10 or new, but plan on riding this to work heavy and longer in fall...see how it goes and maybe step up next year. I figured I can't get hurt on this bike at all if I sell the following spring.

But two good arguments for a newer bike: 6 speed and improved frame.
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Thanks everyone!!!

Im located in central il...peoria to be exact. Im trying to heed everyines advice and find an 09 or later. Just missed a steal on beautiful orange 09 with stage 1 upgrades and under 5k miles for 12.9!

My next best deal is a 10 with 7k miles for 14.9

I would sure appreciate any leads at all. Thanks!!!!
Ok ....found a 2011 20k miles. $14.9. Bow easily can ultra be stripped down to the more classic look of rg?
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