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Madstad holes drilled lower?

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I remember seeing this comment in a thread before where someone said they had MadStad drill the holes 1" lower. Is this done in the mounting base or the windshield? I ask because if it's the mounting base that would allow the windshield to sit lower. If done in the windshield that would allow for 1" higher!
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Thats what I was afraid of! I've emailed and requested the change and will call on Monday morning to confirm. I'm hoping they haven't started the build yet.

I had the holes drilled higher on the shield itself which allows for it to be lower at the lowest setting and therefore it will not be as high at the highest setting. I'm really hPpy with it that way.
I replied to the email they sent me confirming the order with my concerns and first thing this morning Matt emailed saying that my fears were correct and I should have ordered the holes drilled up one inch to be able to have the windshield sit an inch lower.

He said he updated the order for me and since they hadn't even started the build yet it was no problem at all. Looking forward to getting it and trying it out. Like I said, I had one on my last bike so I'm not foreseeing any issues.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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