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I have a 2006 Road Glide with Dual Rineharts (Not slip-ons), big sucker stage 2 and the 95 performance set up with cams. I have not seen a map for this specific set up. I can send my current ma by PM. I want to do some tweaks to improve my gas mileage (other than turning down the wick)

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If you live near Dallas I recomend Sabin performance. They are certified tuning center for Power comanders and will do a custom map for 250... American!
I have an 05 88" w/ PC3 , Big air kit Rhinehart true duels. I had the canned map for my setup and after Sabin was done I went from 67 Hp 75 Ftlb Tq to 75HP and 84 ftlbtq...
I'm happy as she pulls much better from the stops... I'm rather heavy and do not feel as though the bike is working it's but off now! :)
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