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I guess I'll give this another shot -- I'm not sure what to call this other than a Rushmore Road Glide Limited. This bike started it's life as a 2014 Ultra Limited - the year they didn't make a RG- and remained so until April 15 2020 when I stumbled across this forum and found a couple fellas willing to show me that it could be transitioned into the bike it was always meant to be,

There's not much that hasn't been done to this bike. The easier way to state upgrades is to say the tank and the tourpak are the only thing that remain stock. Everything on the bike that could be chromed has been done, from the wheels and calipers to the inner primary and pulley. The engine is a 110 with Baisley Superstock heads, Tman 660 cams, roller rockers, a 64mm tb and a scorpion clutch. The drive pulley has been changed from a 32T to a 31T so it jumps pretty hard off the line. It's finished with a D&D Fatcat with a dummy pipe on the left side.

Bags, side covers and rear end are TopShop and I yanked the Limited front fender in favor of a smooth look without emblems. The bars are custom made by my buddy Joe at Vindikta and yes, they're tall measuring 20" from the bottom of the bar to the top of the point. In reality they're just 18s and ride like a dream. Suspension is Ohlin in the rear and the HD premium upgrade in the front and has Dakota Digital gauges.

More than anything the bike is a big audio bike with four amps, a dsp and 8 speakers if you don't count horns and compression drivers - if you do, it's 14. It comes in with a cool 4400w and plays loud enough that I can't hear the exhaust if I don't want to. Runs a Braille lithium battery and has the HD H.O. Charge System.

Bike has 36,000 miles on it after a super low mileage year in 2021 due to a busy normal life but it's ready to roll if we ever get a spring here in Minnesota. It's been to Sturgis, Nashville, St. Louis, Sedona, Arkansas and everywhere in between. We don't own a trailer but we do have two madstad shields for it given the weather forecast!

Thanks for your consideration.
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