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Ah what the hell only been on this site forever so may as well throw my name in the hat.

2017 FLTRX Road Glide 107 cu in M8 51K miles
18 in Yaffe Apes
Memphis Shades Hand Guards
Bassani 2 into 1 Road Rage II Pipe
SE Stage 1 Intake
S&S lifters and Quickee pushrods w/black push rod covers
A black crash bar was added recently
Tour Pak added as well

I'd have to say this bike has been amazing. I bought this bike brand new with 14 miles on it in August of 2017. I made the jump from a 95 cu in Twin Cam with +95 HP and +95 ft/lbs Torque. I had tried to get into the new road glide when they came back out in 15 only to find out how gutless a stock 103 cu in motor was. The 107 was everything my 95 cu in motor had and more. This pretty much amounts to my favorite aspect of the bike, never in my wildest dreams did I think that Harley would put a motor in a bike that had enough power and torque out of the box to make touring comfortable. They did it! I forgot to mention she's paid for too, which makes riding the ol girl that much sweeter.

I've ridden this bike cross-country to Tennessee and North Carolina. All over Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming as well. Although riding to TN and getting to ride the Appalachians was a treat, I really really enjoy riding in Idaho. I recently got back from Phoenix, Arizona as well which AZ is fun to ride, yet most of my riding consisted of commuting to school and work in Scottsdale. The bike performed well in the sweltering temperatures PHX has to offer. I ended up putting over 15K in 10 mo while living down there. I can see myself owning this bike through 100K mi. Thats only a mere 49K to go! All in all, I wouldn't choose another model to do my touring with.

Hope that's not too short......but if you ride a Harley you know that there aren't enough words in the English language to aptly describe the feeling or the love we have for our machines.

Good luck to the rest of the entrants!



1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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