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This is my bike. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My bike is like a best friend. It is my buddy ol pal. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my bike is useless. Without my bike, I am useless. I must ride my bike any chance I get.

My bike and I know that what counts in riding is not going fast, but more the sounds we emit and smoke we make.

This is "The Distinguished Performance Bagger" It's a 2022 HD RG Standard with the following modifications:

  • Start Racing 30-30 cam
  • Feuling Solid Push Rods and upgraded retainers
  • Original Garage Motor Foot controls and Crash Bar
  • Screamin Eagle Intake Filter
  • American Suspension front and rear Mach shock package
  • Mini Ape Handle Bars
  • Rinehart Racing 2-1 exhaust
  • Black Powder Coated Engine rocker covers and front shock upper housing

Favourite aspect of my bike is the contrast of classic HD black/Chrome, but with a modern twist. My favourite memory is the day i picked it up from the shop after upgrades. I went for a ride with my friends and we ended up with 40 other bikes taking the same route. It was epic. Everyone immediately had huge respect for each-other and we kept riding in formation for about 3 hours, until we stopped and admired each-others bikes. It was the best feeling.

There's some fine looking scooters here. Good luck to all and ride safe!


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I don't know what happened, but I did a long write-up, with all of the add-ons, memories, some personalization to the story, and only the first line of my post showed up. Oh well, I'll try again next month.
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